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© 2017 by Krystle Carkeek   |   jasricart@gmail.com



Avanti is a character I created a few years ago to be a Hindu superhero based off of my mother. She was originally only supposed to be a demigodess but I eventually changed her story to be more metaphysical. She became a name to encompass an idea rather than just one solid character. In this way, I can create many linking storylines with different depictions all still representing her core elements, such as her morality, "powers" and character traits. 


She currently exists in 3 storylines: (1) a full story of her as a representation of a soul, (2) a shortened, simplified and more metaphorical fairytale I wrote for a class, and (3) a story currently being written by a client where she fights along side modernized Hindu gods and goddesses.


My current project is finalizing the fairytale story which descibes her as the embodiment of a pure good soul. It is a simple metaphorical story of dystopia, utopia, evolution and human morality. Below are all of the artworks based off of her so far.