• Terraforming Giants

    Last Updated May 2020

    World building project: giant terraforming animals representing different forms of nature. More soon.

  • Art & Medicine

    Last Updated  March 2021

    Illustration project: series of images representing the body systems and different aspects of medicine and neuroscience.

  • A Series of Mandalas

    Complete (for now)

    Ongoing series of themed mandalas

  • Avanti

    Last Updated May 2020

    World building project: A story of a girl with a fragmented soul who reincarnates with power manifested from "lost" Hindu gods.

  • Dreamscapes

    Last Updated April 2018

    Both a children's book and an animation.

    (On hold)

  • Fan Art

    Last Updated March 2021

    Just a collection of fan art I've done over the years

  • DC Comics

    Last Updated March 2021

    Artwork of characters from DC Comics.

    Not affiliated, just for fun! 

  • Commissions


    Collection of completed commission work over the years. Only previews

  • The Essence


    I helped illustrate this wonderful book written by Vel Grande. It is a three part series - "A Ghost Story in Three Days"

  • Dark Eyes


    Commission work - a series of 6 images to represent characters for an 8th Doctor adaptation / miniseries based off of Doctor Who (c) BBC. 

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