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© 2017 by Krystle Carkeek   |   jasricart@gmail.com

Current Projects

The Art of Neuropsychopharmacology

A project inspired by my study of neuroscience and Peter Mohrbacher's work on Angelarium. I love the idea of personification so this will eventually be a reference book with illustrations personifying 8 neurotransmitters, the well known drugs that alter their levels (e.g. LSD, alcohol...), and the associated psychopathologies (e.g. depression, anxiety, schizophrenia...). Next to each image will be a reference page describing in detail the scientific facts currently known about each. 


Both a children's book and an animation. More information coming soon.

Geometric Visuals and Mandalas

ThisThis will eventually be a simple art book of some traditional and nontraditional mandalas. There will also be a process description on each. :)

Avanti Project

I started this project a few years ago when I first created a Hindu superhero based off of my mother. I ended up changing her to have a more metaphysical existence where she has many different stories all centering around her being a representation of a generalized "Avanti" figure. Click below for some concept art and art associated with a fairytale I hope to publish soon. The fairytale is the first story I have created, describing her as the embodiment of a pure good soul. It is a simple metaphorical story of dystopia, utopia, evolution and human morality.


A comic I am working on illustrating a short story about enlightenment and greed.  

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Complete Projects


This is a collection of completed commission work over the years. Only previews are provided and each piece was made with guidance from the client. See the about/contact tab for more information. 

Dark Eyes

My first commission work that became a long term project. I created a series of 6 images to represent characters for an 8th Doctor adaptation/miniseries based off of Doctor Who (c) BBC. I am so happy to have been a part of this, please click below to check out the project. :)

The Essence

I helped illustrate this wonderful book written by Vel Grande. It is three part series, "A Ghost Story in Three Days," that follows the adventures of three siblings when their parents go away. It is such a fun read with well-written and engaging characters. I am so happy to have been able to illustrate this as one of my first projects. You can buy it on Amazon, Nook, and iTunes; see here. 

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