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Krystle R. Carkeek

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Born in New Jersey, USA in 1995. I am currently a first year medical student with an undergrad double major in Cell Biology/Neuroscience and Psychology. I grew up dreaming of becoming a doctor but I also had a passion for art. I LOVE to create things: books, journals, cards, characters, sculptures, portfolios... etc. I've done everything from origami, paper cutting, and scrapbooking to clay sculpting, logo design, sketching, painting and digital drawing. I now mainly work in digital art because it is the most convenient and fun medium to use with how busy I am. I use a Cintiq 13HD tablet and Photoshop CS6 on a Macbook Pro (although a cheap tablet and Photoshop elements works about the same for me). 


I love superheroes, science, music and movies. Specifically, personification, philosophy and good storytelling. I am always looking for ways to combine my interests and get my ideas out there.  Currently, I am working on multiple projects, concept art and commission work. See the project tab for more information and below for contact, prints and commission information. 

Have a good day. Thank you for visiting! :)



My email is jasricart@gmail.com and is the preferred method of contact. I also answer instagram personal messages and deviantART notes. 

Or simply send a message below, directed right to my email :)


NOTE: I've been having some trouble getting these notifications so if I don't respond within a few days please shoot me an email directly or dm me on instagram.


I am currently not open for commissions but feel free to email me if you have any questions or would like to talk about a project. To put things into perspective, I typically charge $100 per simple full body character. More details and a background would be more and portraits or half body figures would be less. Preview of past commission work here. Again, any questions please email me :) 


my print shop at Society6 Is here


I do not have all of my pieces or products available at this site so PLEASE EMAIL ME - jasricart@gmail.comif you want another one of my pieces as a print or any other product. I can send you prints of ANY of my works a bit cheaper than society6. Please see below for the information I will need in an email.


1. Size (some of my pieces vary in dimension, most are 2x3 so these may be estimated prices)

  • 10" x 15"  prints

    • 1 print= $12

      • 2 prints = $24

      • 4 prints =$38

      • 6 prints = $55

      • 8 prints= $70

  • 12" x 18"  prints

    • 1 print= $15

      • 2 prints = $30

      • 4 prints =$50

      • 6 prints = $65

      • 8 prints= $80


2. Border

  • White border of 1/4", 1/2", or a 1" or no border at all.

3. Finish

  • ​glossy or matte


Border and finish choices are no extra charge. Price does not include shipping which usually ends up being around $4 depending on location, rush, or quantity.

  • Orders of 3 or more 10x15 or 12x18 prints = FREE SHIPPING

  • Orders of 2 or more 16x24 or 20x30 prints = FREE SHIPPING

Any questions we can work through by email :)

  • 16" x 24"  prints

    • 1 print= $30

      • 2 prints = $60

      • 4 prints =$100

      • 6 prints = $150

      • 8 prints= $200

  • 20" x 30"  prints

    • 1 print= $45

      • 2 prints = $80

      • 4 prints =$150

      • 6 prints = $200

      • 8 prints= $240



I do not take any requests however I always love to hear any input or suggestions. Contact me below.